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  • Due to delays caused by resolving underground utility conflicts and delays in receiving water main components from manufacturers, 12th Street between SW Oakley and SW Gage will not be open to through traffic in 2022. However, local access will continue to be maintained for local residents.

  • The intersections of Clay Street and Western Avenue along 12th Street will be closed starting Monday, February 20th. The purpose of the closures at these two intersections is to install water valves that were planned for installation in 2021, but did not arrive on-site until fall of 2022. The duration of the closure at 12th and Clay will be two weeks. The duration of the closure at 12th and Western will likely be four to five weeks. All timeframes provided are weather dependent.

  • CLICK HERE to read the latest on road closures as the 12th Street Project progresses. 



  • Reverse angle parking can seem intimidating at first, but after a few tries with these three simple steps, you'll be parking like a pro in no time. Weekend workshops are also planned in the near future for City of Topeka residents to practice their reverse angle parking, in anticipation of upcoming changes to 12th Street.

  • So how can you reverse park in 3 easy steps? Read below or WATCH THE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Oak Park, Michigan created to educate residents during a roadway redesign project.

    • When you spot an empty reverse parking stall, turn on your right turn signal.

    • Pull forward, just in front of the stall, and stop.

    • Turn your wheel and reverse to park.


When construction concludes on the 12th Street project, a variety of trees will be planted along the corridor to add shade and aesthetic value. Want to know which trees will go where?


  • The stretch of roadway from South Kansas to Washburn will have curb, gutter and asphalt installed by late November or early December and it will be open to traffic at that point. However, some sidewalk and shared use path work will likely continue into the winter. This is because concrete is able to be cured during winter months, but asphalt must be laid prior to winter months. In the interests of pedestrian safety, crosswalks will be repaired at Topeka Boulevard and all lanes will be open to through traffic as well.

  • The SW 12th Street Reconstruction Project is underway as of March 1 between S. Kansas Avenue and SW Washburn. The 12th and SW Topeka Blvd. intersection will remain open north, south and east. This year's construction will be done in two phases: S. Kansas to SW Western, then SW Western to SW Washburn. Construction in 2022 will be between SW Washburn and SW Gage. Expect some utility and tree work along 12th, west of Washburn to Gage in 2021. 


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