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12th Street Landscape Plans

When construction concludes on the 12th Street project, a variety of trees will be planted along the corridor to add shade and aesthetic value. View images and descriptions below, or click here to view the official landscape plans.

Acer saccharum `Autumn Splendor` / Autumn Splendor Sugar Maple (ACE ASP)

Acer truncatum / Shantung Maple (ACE TRU)

Ginkgo biloba `Autumn Gold` TM / Autumn Gold Maidenhair Tree (GIN AUT)

Gymnocladus dioica `Espresso` / Kentucky Coffeetree (GYM DIO)

Maackia amurensis / Amur Maackia (MAA AMU)

Malus x `Velvetcole` TM / Velvet Pillar Crabapple (MAL CPI)

Platanus x acerifolia `Bloodgood` / London Plane Tree (PLA BLO)

Quercus muehlenbergii / Chinkapin Oak (QUE MUE)

Quercus shumardii / Shumard Red Oak (QUE SHU)

Quercus x warei `Long` TM / Regal Prince Oak (QUE WAR)

Syringa pekinensis `Morton` TM / Lilac (SYR PEK)

Syringa reticulata `Ivory Silk` / Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac (SYR IVO)

Tilia tomentosa `Sterling` / Sterling Silver Linden (TIL STL)

Ulmus propinqua `JFS-Bieberich` TM / Emerald Sunshine Elm (ULM EM2)

Zelkova serrata `Musashino` / Sawleaf Zelkova (ZEL MUS)

Zelkova serrata `Schmidtlow` / Sawleaf Zelkova (ZEL SC2)

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