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How to Reverse Park in 3 Easy Steps

Reverse angle parking can seem intimidating at first, but after a few tries with these three simple steps, you'll be parking like a pro in no time. Weekend workshops are also planned in the near future for City of Topeka residents to practice their reverse angle parking, in anticipation of upcoming changes to 12th Street.

Reverse angle parking stalls, designed to improve safety for all roadway users, will be seen:

  1. Between Kansas Avenue and Topeka Boulevard

  2. In front of the multi-use building north of Holliday Park

  3. Along two churches on the south side of 12th Street

So how can you reverse park in 3 easy steps? Check it out below or watch the demonstration video Oak Park, Michigan created to educate residents during a roadway redesign project.

  1. When you spot an empty reverse parking stall, turn on your right turn signal.

  2. Pull forward, just in front of the stall, and stop.

  3. Turn your wheel and reverse to park.

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