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What's Happening Now and What's Happening Next?

Construction is underway as of March 1 on Phase I (S. Kansas Ave. to SW Washburn Ave.). We are communicating to residents in a variety

of ways on its impacts, access routes and a timeline for work.

Next steps: Utility Relocations

Public utility companies like gas, electric and fiber, have completed their design plans for relocating their infrastructure for Phase I (S. Kansas Avenue to SW Washburn Avenue). They are relocating prior to City utility and street work. City utility relocations will begin in early 2021 immediately before roadway reconstruction begins for Phase I.

Next steps: Public Involvement

As construction phase begins, neighborhood-specific public meetings will be held, online, to provide information about the anticipated construction schedule and access during construction. Postcards will be mailed to homes, door hangers will be posted and updates will be shared on the Nextdoor app with specific neighborhoods, as needed.

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