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Holiday Roadway Access

Below is the list of SW 12th Street sideroads that will open to local traffic before Thanksgiving:

  • SW Garfield Ave.

  • SW Mulvane St.

  • SW College Ave. – Currently open

  • SW Boswell Ave.

  • SW Jewell Ave.

  • SW Wayne Ave.

  • SW High Ave.

The following are the sideroads that could be open by the end of the year dependent on weather:

  • SW Woodward Ave.

  • SW Plass Ave.

  • SW MacVicar Ave.

  • SW Medford Ave.

  • SW Randolph Ave.

  • SW Webster Ave.

  • SW Collins Ave.

  • SW Warren Ave.

  • SW Oakley Ave.

Opening SW 12th Street for access west of Washburn Blvd. is still under consideration, however, that will be completely dependent on weather and construction progress.

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