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Project Update for Residents between SW Oakley Ave. and SW Gage Blvd.

Thank you for your patience during this extended construction project. We really appreciate those who attended the public information meeting before Christmas so we could update you on the progress of the project and address your concerns. We have decided to provide you with an update every few weeks as we move through the last stretch of this project.

Private water service line connections to the new main begins this week!

The new water main between SW Cambridge Avenue and SW Watson Avenue is in and the main has passed its tests for pressure and bacteriological contamination. Beginning this week, workers will begin connecting private service lines to the new main. That work is expected to take about two weeks. Additionally, the main will be interconnected to the mains on the side streets for water quality and fire protection. Most importantly, it will allow us to backfill the last open excavations.

Regular trash service resumes in front of properties - Gage to Cambridge

Starting Tuesday, January 10, the trash services will begin picking up trash in front of properties between SW Gage Avenue and Cambridge now that the street in that block is mostly complete. Please continue placing your trash receptacle at the curb in front of your property. Instead of the contractor taking the trash receptacle to the collection point, the trash collection company will empty the receptacles.

In areas where trash cans are moved to communal trash collection locations, the project inspector and the contractor will work together to identify and mark the address on the inside of lids. Contact Stuart, inspector, at (785) 640-0267 if you are having issues getting your trash receptacle back and want this service.

Accessibility assistance offered - Gage to Cambridge drive approaches

You may have noticed there is a two-inch height differential between the asphalt pavement and the concrete drive approaches. This is only a temporary condition. As part of the final construction, the contractor will lay a final two-inch top lift of asphalt, which will be flush with the drive approaches and ADA curb ramps. If the two inch differential creates a problem for you to access your property, the City will ask the contractor to place an asphalt wedge at your drive approach. Please make your request to Stuart at (785) 640-0267.

Contact Information

Again thanks for your patience as we finish this project. Please don’t hesitate to contact David at (785) 368-1642 or Stuart at (785) 640-0267 with any concerns or questions.

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